The Wizarding World of Edinburgh

Hey all,

Hope you've had an amazing Christmas and will have an amazing new year!

This is a short post about our visit to Edinburgh just before Christmas to show some of the incredible things we discovered during our time in the city.

After living in the UK our entire lives, it feels pretty strange that we don't visit places on our doorstep more often but this was an effort to start correcting that, a decision that was really worth it!

It's safe to say that we both felt Edinburgh was one of the best trips we've ever been on, the city is simply breathtaking! The castle, OMG, the castle! There's the Christmas winter wonderland, the history, shopping, bars/pubs, great food and so on, a truly amazing place.

During this trip I didn't have my Nikon D850 so resorted to using my phone, which is a Huawei P20 Pro... although using the phone will have effected the imagery, I still managed to capture some great images (this was the main reason I purchased the P20 Pro). As you can tell, there is some editing on a few of these which has been done via Instagram whilst on the go!

See you soon, Happy New Year!


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