The Lock Down Project

Hey everyone!

Here's the first shots of my mini series - The Lock Down Project!

The project takes my normal everyday doings and adds a bit of creative twist, some hard lighting and some questionable facial expressions to give you a better insight of the man behind the camera during lock down.

This first collection is me annihilating a bagel with my morning coffee (before you ask, I don't actually dunk my bagel, that would be gross!!!) As I said in yesterday's post, I had great fun producing these and acting like a bit of a clown, something that seems to come naturally to me!

For this shoot I used a single 4 socket lamp but toned it down and only lit two bulbs. This picked out the features I wanted but left those deep dark areas that gave me the depth I craved!

I then built on that when editing, reducing the saturation to go black and white whilst adding some deep textures to pick out the details further, wrinkles *cough, cough*

If you've got this far... Thanks for reading, I hope these images made you laugh, I've laughed at my own face enough!

Have a great week 🙌

Leon 🤓

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