Mental Health and the Big Moose!

Updated: May 16, 2019

Hey all,

As part of Mental Health awareness week, I wanted to talk about the Big Moose Mental Health

evening I attended recently. The event put on by the team was brilliant and really helped me to further understand struggles associated with Mental Health.

Amongst a warm, friendly atmosphere we were treated to some amazing speakers and inspirational heartfelt stories that really connected everyone and even though I’ve never suffered with mental health, I felt closer to the subject than ever.

A big shout out to the speakers from the night – Jeff / Chloe (Big Moose), brothers Tom / Craig (Kinging-It) and Dawn / Rachel (Adjuda) who were all amazing!

For any of you who have visited the Big Moose before, you'll know the team has such an incredible want to help others which is truly inspiring. This and the uncanny ability to create amazing food, always going all out when it comes to their home-made cakes and treats. For example, there was a batch of Double Decker cookies that I needed restraining from the other day... it's been days and I’m still thinking about it!

Getting off the cookie topic and going back to the evening event, I was truly inspired and even though I’ve already pledged to help the Big Moose through my creative ways, I wanted to do more!

Therefore, as part of generating awareness of the amazing work being done, I’ve found my next challenge. Running on behalf of the Big Moose I will be taking part in this years Cardiff Half Marathon! Being a fitness freak you’d think I’d be confident here but I’m not a runner by default so there’s definite work to be done… GULP!

Over the next few months I will be keeping track of my journey to reaching the 13.1-mile goal and come October 6th, I'll hopefully be crossing the finish line with my fellow Big Moose runners!

I couldn't be more proud to be part of it all! GO TEAM!

Here's some of my favourite photo's but click here to see the rest! (There aren't as many as I'd like, I ended up doing more listening than snapping on the night).

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