Event a Month - January! (Big Moose / Big Bear Music Night)

Hey all!,

Hope your year is off to a solid start!

Throughout 2020, I've set myself a challenge to showcase a Cardiff event a month. The idea behind this is to go digging in the capital and find the hidden gems to showcase and share with the world as we go through the year.

If you have any events that you're hosting or you think deserve to be captured and shared then let's get talking and put it on the map!

Without further ado, the event of January was the Big Bear Social Club music night held at the Big Moose. This particular event took place on the 29th January, but is hosted fairly regular so follow the guys to find out when the next one is!

Big Bear - https://www.instagram.com/bigbearsocialclub/

Big Moose - https://www.instagram.com/bigmoosecoffeeco/

From my perspective, this is a great event if you're looking to chill out, grab a beer and listen to the local talent. It's safe to say I was blown away by the artists performing and wouldn't hesitate to see them again!

They were:

  • Unity

  • Naomi Rae

  • Art Bandini

  • Ampersand

So, to summarise... if you're into live music, a chilled out venue, awesome atmosphere and a few beers, you've found the place for you. I'd more than recommend you going along to the next one and absorbing it all, who knows, you may even see me doing my thing!

And that's all folks, check out the selection of other images below and I'll see you next time, have a good one!


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