Hey, I'm Leon.
The Cardiff Event Photographer


I'm someone who loves what I do. I enjoy working with people and making the most out of anything I set my mind to. I first became obsessed with photography around 6 years ago and have been capturing all types of events for at least 5 of those! Outside of photography, I'm a digital agency owner and have a background in event management, all of these things have really helped me to develop my own unique style with punchy colours or contrasted black and white imagery.

My clients describe me as well prepared, approachable, and great at working with their guests to make everybody feel comfortable. You can see some of their reviews here.

All in all, I'm super excited to see your event go smoothly and I'm always available to provide any guidance before the day! 

My values

Capturing amazing event photographs is more than just holding a camera, there's an element of seeing the future, understanding people and paying attention to the finer details. It's there, in that detail, where perfect moments are born and vanish in the blink of an eye.

I pride myself on my planning, making sure I know what's happening and where so I can capture as many of those one chance shots as possible. That being said, there are always unpredictable moments so don't be shocked if you see me leg it to capture all the laughs and happy tears.

Being someone who ahs managed events in the past, I understand the pressures and make sure I help relieve that pressure where possible. Events are hectic enough without more worries, so you can rest assured I've got your back, I'm enthusiastic, great with people, and able to work around or with your guests to make sure things flow smoothly.

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